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Console commands

List of commands that can be used in client-side console. Some commands can be useful to debug resources used by your server. Sever owners can also register their own custom commands.

Commands listed below can be used with the client console, which can be open using ~ (tilde).

view [name]

Changes console tab to either error or info. Information view show generic logs from multiplayer and server resources. Error view show detailed information about errors from scripts.

Usage: view <info|error>

showfocus [type]

Enables or disables showing names of certain focus types. If type is not provided, every focus type is disabled/enabled.

Usage: view <item|mob|npc|bar>


Prints current system time in-game console.

Usage: time


Prints current game client version.

Usage: version

fps [limit]

Setup upper fps limit for game client.

Usage: fps <number>


Enables or disables showing debug information on screen. While enabled information about used resources by game client and scripts will be shown.

Usage: onscreendebug


Runs Squirrel garbage collector and returns the number of reference cycles found (and deleted).

Usage: gc

generate instances

NOTE! This commands works only in debug mode.

Generates instances.xml file required by server, and it's located at Gothic II\Multiplayer. File contains dumped information from GOTHIC.DAT about NPCs and Items.

Usage: generate instances