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class MobLockable extends MobInter (client-side)

Available since version: 0.1.0

This class represents 3d object in the world, which can be locked (i.e. DOORS, CHESTS).


MobLockable(string model)


  • string model: the model name to be used as visual.


MobLockable(userpointer ptr)


  • userpointer ptr: the pointer to the object from the game.


bool locked

Represents the locked state of lockable mob.

string keyInstance

Available since version: 0.1.10

Represents the instance of the key item needed to open this mob.

string pickLockStr

Available since version: 0.1.10

Represents the picklock combination neeeded to open the lock of this mob.
An example combination looks like that: LRLRLR, where L - Left and R - Right are short's for the direction of the picklock movement, needed to open the lock.


No methods.