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class Sound (client-side)

Available since version: 0.1.2

This class represents 2d sound.


Sound(string fileName)


  • string fileName: the name of the WAV audio file or SFX script instance.


string file

Available since version: 0.2

Represents the file name of played sound or the name of SFX script instance.

float playingTime (read-only)

Represents the sound playing time in miliseconds.

float volume

Represents the sound volume scale in range 0.0 to 1.0.
Setting it to -1 will set the volume to the default value (which is either volume value from sfx script instance or 1.0).
Setting it to to value lesser than 0.0 will cause the sound to be stopped.

bool looping

Represents the sound looping feature.

float balance

Represents the sound balance between left speaker and right speaker in range -1.0 to 1.0.
Settting it to -2 will set the balance to the default value (center).



This method will play the sound.

void play()


This method will stop the sound.

void stop()


Available since version: 0.1.10

This method is used to check whether the sound is currently playing.

bool isPlaying()

Returns bool:

true if the sound is currently playing, otherwise false.