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constants HUD (client-side)

Name Description
HUD_ALL Represents all hud elements
HUD_HEALTH_BAR Represents game health bar
HUD_MANA_BAR Represents game mana bar
HUD_SWIM_BAR Represents game swim bar (oxygen)
HUD_FOCUS_BAR Represents game focus bar (focused npc health bar)
HUD_FOCUS_NAME Represents game focus name (text displayed above focused object)
HUD_MODE_HIDDEN Represents hidden hud mode (elements having this mode won't be visible on screen)
HUD_MODE_DEFAULT Represents default hud mode (elements having this mode will be displayed when game shows them, e.g: swim bar will be visible only while diving)
HUD_MODE_ALWAYS_VISIBLE Represents always visible hud mode (elements having this mode will be always visible on screen)