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function attackPlayerWithEffect (client-side)

Available since version: 0.1.9


The victim will receive damage calculated damage by the game.

This function is used to play effect and deal damage from attacker. It will only work with hero/npc.


void attackPlayerWithEffect(int attackerId, int victimId, int damageType, int damage, bool isProjectile, int level, string effect)


  • int attackerId: the attacker id.
  • int victimId: the victim id.
  • int damageType: the damage type, can be 0. For more information Damage constants.
  • int damage: the amount of damage that , can be 0.
  • bool isProjectile: the value which will determine if effect is projectile.
  • int level: the level of the VisualFX.
  • string effect: the name of the VisualFX, e.g "SPELLFX_TELEPORT".